Doreen Valiente - Witch

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Update - June 2012

Following a weekend get together we're pleased to say progress is being made on the following things:

  • The 2012 Conference with Ronald Hutton (Sunday 16th September 10 am – till 11pm at Conway Hall, London information here) with some exciting plans to be announced on the day

  •  A forthcoming book of Doreen's poems to replace the out of print "Charge Of The Goddess". The book will be a much more complete collection and will include Doreen's short stories too.

  • Advancing plans for the museum and preparing for site location, funding etc

  • More cataloguing of the artefacts, including photographing all the items and a database of everything is now underway

  • More discussion and planning for a day to honour Patricia Crowther in association with PF, Pagan Pride and NPN

  • Doreen's Biography - now in the research phase by author Philip Hestleton

Things are really ramping up at the Centre For Pagan Studies, Ashley will be giving more talks and exhibitions throughout the rest of the year, much more work cataloguing the artefacts is planned and John & Julie are looking forward to returning to Blighty for the conference which Brian & Trish are working hard on in conjunction with Paul & Tallis of Greenmatle magazine. We're pleased to say that Esme Knight, founder of Pagan Pride (main event in Nottingham, Sunday 5th August 2012) has joined the team bring expertise in museum management and operational organisation.

We said it would be a good year . . .  now its becoming so! Watch this space . .  . . . . . . .