Doreen Valiente - Witch

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Centre For Pagan Studies Update - June 2011

Having had a meeting of the current directors of the CFPS and their associates a document has now been drawn up in a first draft to form the governing papers of how the CFPS will go forward. The intent is to create an open organisation which will be accessible to all for membership, the legal term for such an organisation is "a company limited by guarantee" which means that those who "own it" (the guarantors) are not permitted to make a profit from it. In this form it is envisaged that it will be readily accepted by the charities commission as a registered charity and as such it will adopt its charitable objects from the recently formed Doreen Valiente Foundation's own objects.

Of course there is still a great deal to do in establishing the organisation in this form and the documents ("The articles and memoranda of association") are still in their first draft form. Further to this "behind the scenes" work which is taking up all of our time and resources we are also reaching outwardsagain and planning a major event to take place in the next 18-24 months.

Meanwhile our colleagues at the Doreen Valiente Foundation have begun their work in earnest which we anticipate will be continued by us under the CFPS banner once the organisation is properly established.