Doreen Valiente - Witch

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Remembering Gerald Gardner - a day of talks at Preston Manor, Saturday 18th June, 10:30am, Brighton.

Celebrate Gerald Gardner's 132nd birthday next week. Ashley Mortimer, Philip Carr-Gomm and Tam Campbell will be at Preston Manor to discuss Gardner's place in modern pagan history, including a reading of his historic 1955 talk, believed to be the first legal public talk about witchcraft since the repeal of the 1735 witchcraft act.
Gardner's original Book of Shadows will be on display with artefacts from the Doreen Valiente collection. Tickets are included in the price of entry to Preston Manor, although limited spaces are available for each talk.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Its all about the Ethics

Just to let you know that the Centre For Pagan Studies is proud to be a member of the Pagan Symposium. here is a little about them -  The Pagan Heathen Symposium is a group of Pagan and Heathen Organisations that actively co-operate on a variety of issues and projects.
Our latest collaboration is working on a code of ethics, so that people can be safe in the knowledge that members of the Symposium all adhere to the same rules and standards. These standards are applied to all members and will be upheld in their activities at private and public events, and whenever dealing with others.

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