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Monday, 9 April 2012

Patricia Crowther - The Zodiac Experience

CFPS have teamed up with Patricia Crowther to present her Zodiac Experience series of initiatory meditations and visualisations which take the form of a small rite to be performed as the sun passed through each of the 12 houses of the zodiac over a one year period.

The first period (Aires) began in March 2012 and the second (Taurus) will appear on April 20th. If you are wanting to do these journeys then you need to hurry up and do the Aires rite before April 21st

make a note of the above page as all the rites will be posted here . . .

Pagan Federation North East Conference

CFPS and The Doreen Valiente Foundation will be in attendance at the Pagan Fed North East conference in York on 21st April 2012 (details here). Ashley will be speaking about Doreen's life and legacy and will present a talk she wrote and delivered herself (though sadly Doreen's accent and manner as an impression remain the domain of John only!) and following some discussion we think a surprise peice of Doreen's writing will feature at the end of it . . . from a surprise guest  . . . 

Ashley on TV

The conference planning was slightly interrupted by my (Ashley's) appearance on BBC1's "The Big Questions" in a debate about polytheism and the follow on from that has been an hour long programme for Sky TV filmed with Jay Lakhani of the Hindu Academy where some strong resonances have been formed between paganism and hinduism. Hopefully we'll see more of Jay during the year and we're very pleased indeed to be associated with him and with the hindu community who have a great deal of spirituality to explore . . .

You can see the video of the polytheism debate featuring Ashley and Jay here:

And the Sky TV programme will also be on youTube after it has aired on Sky Fitness one sunday evening during April.
(We'll remember to post it here!)

Further to that Ashley has made a few videos with Nottingham's Pagan Pride group of which he is a part and some very interesting debates have sprung up as a result . .

Witchcraft In 60 Seconds (Ashley's new party piece):

Belief, Faith, Religion, Spirituality & Witchcraft:

Conference Planning - A Day With Ronald Hutton

2012 began with a bang, announcing the Day For Ronald Hutton conference in spetember, organising everything associated with this, booking the venue, the speakers, the stalls and starting to sell tickets. Its going to be an amazing day and we're already looking forward to it . . 

2012 - Its going to be a good year

Well, I've been very remiss in not writing more about the work we're doing at CFPS so I'm determined to make time to correct this during this year. The blog is to be a slightly informal, behind the scenes record of the individuals in the CFPS and what we've got up to this year . . .