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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Reviews on the Leaping Hare Conference - Richard Levy Talk on Narative Magic

Christine & John C,
Tuesday 10th April 2018

   On Saturday 24th March, a group of 4 of us attended at The Leaping Hare Pagan Conference in Colchester.  We attend every year and sometimes the talks are OK, sometimes they are not and sometimes they are excellent. Richard’s talk on “Narrative Magic” was excellent.  It had a beginning, a middle and an end and each flowed into the next part beautifully.  It was a completely different outlook on the subject and very much enjoyed by everyone.  Richard has a charming, funny attitude and so his delivery was easy going and really interesting.  Every single person I spoke to said they hoped he would come again next year and we all felt that we took a lot away with us that we hadn’t known before.  He was charming, well read and delivered exactly what he said he would - “Narrative Magic”.  Marks out of 10?  Definitely 10.

Richards talk was here:
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